Grip Minutia: Bolt Kit

After my last post someone asked me what I consider "standard" in a bolt kit and I really struggle with saying anything definitive because so much of it depends on your personal style/taste and how much room you have to devote to bolt storage. But fear not, I'm going to persevere and give you a list. It's based off of my personal kit and

A PhotoHunt from the Archives

I was cleaning up my hard drive and found an interesting old picture that I made a while back, 2008 while back to be precise. I made this while I was still in awe at the number and variety of nicknames grip(and electric) equipment had. How many can you find?

The MP-9 will EXPAND your rigging options.

While not set to replace the faithful Cardellini by any means, the MP-9 brings some pretty awesome tricks to the table. It's ability to expand as well as contract combined with its well padded and variously profiled jaws and versatile pin placement make it a must for any key grip's specialty drawer.