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So just an update about my current project... it's called Naked... and yes, it's about a naked guy... and it's got zombies dancing, and magic, and it's a musical... good times.
This is a picture from our first day. We were shooting at Sony studios in the Jimmy Stewart building. It's a pretty rad place... lots of rich architecture in an office type building which is rad to see. Also, every office is it's own room... no cubicles here. Anyway, so this picture is from a scene where the naked guy runs into a meeting that his dream girl is presenting at. the shot we were doing is a dolly down the middle of the really long conference table and past the end to reveal the naked guy's butt. oh yeah, did i mention the director is the naked guy? Anyway, we did the shot with a super peewee 3 with the high post kit and a 7' 5" lenny arm mini. The fun part of the shot was that as the jib arm went above the heads of the people on the close side of the desk, so they had to duck until the camera went over them. Anyway, enough jibber jabber.
Oh, one last thing... everyone on the project is pretty pro, and working well below their normal rates, but they are doing it because the project is so unique and everyone likes the director.
Without further ado...

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