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The Wait is OVER! kind of

okay, so, the strike is over, and i've been getting a little bit more work, but it's mostly been stuff that would have happened with or without the strike. the feature world is going to take a little bit more time to speed up till jobs will be "a plenty." but i have been working.

i started a job delivering flowers at a local flowershop. it's not the most fantastic job ever...i drive my own car.. so, i was hired during the valentine's day rush and they are keeping me on as a regular driver. regular meaning whenever i can work... which works out really well for me since i still want to be able to take film jobs. also, i really like the work, i enjoy driving and i enjoy giving people flowers(as my moody friends well know).

but i have had a few jobs since december. i've had a total of 6 days since christmas, thankfully they have all been very well paid jobs, and i have more days lined up. so here are a few pics of the set i was on this past saturday. it is the oval office from the upcoming GI Joe movie. we were just borrowing the set to shoot a spec commercial for the game Battleship. for the un-initiated, a spec is a shoot that takes place without the endorsement of the actual company, but is made on the "spec"ulation that the company will like it enough to buy the spot. because of the spot is being shot without actually being bought yet, the budget can be very low. anyway, the pics show me sitting at the presidents desk, reading super secret props, and generally looking pretty awesome. the other pictures are of the cabling and lighting around the set. to give you an idea about how much power it takes to light a set that big i've included a little cheat sheet for you.

  • 150 watt house lightbulb =1.5 amps
  • standard house outlet provides 20 amps
  • each one of those cables carries(about) 100 amps
  • each one of those glowing cylinders = 6,000 watt = 60 amps
  • each one of those big lights like the one hanging under the truss labeled 309 = 20,000 watt= 200 amps
  • there were about 12 of those glowing cylinders lighting inside and outside the set
  • there were 3 of those bigger lights
  • and that's just the basic setup, they would probably use another 200-300 amps to actually light each shot
  • the picture of all of the plants and grass is actually inside the stage but outside of the set. the plants combined with a giant canvas landscape provide the view out of the windows of the oval office.
  • that set took one week to build(including lighting and building the set)
  • it was used for about a third of a day(4 hours) of shooting

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