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okay, so now that the job is over i'll let you know what all those pictures were...

we were shooting a video for sunkist to use internally... mostly for their big important financial backers and such. we shot in 4 different locations... the first day was at a packing plant, where they grade and size all of the oranges coming in and pack them... it was strangely similar to the egg processing line at sauder's eggs. the pictures... oh... okay i guess i only made one posting... hmm... cellphone must have messed up the other messages... well, the first pic is of the gold rush machine that sizes, weighs, and i think she said it checks the consistency of the oranges. the other picture is of the machine that does the stickers.
our second location was a juicing plant for oranges and lemons... very cool, didn't have enough time to take many pictures, but very fascinating... the highlight of the coolness came when they took us to the tank farm... six 1 million gallon tanks for orange juice. we did the math, that's about $35 million dollars in orange juice... yeah... that's a lot of OJ. for that location we had to wear hair nets, beard nets, and because i was wearing shorts, i had to wear a clean suit... hopefully i'll have pictures of that up later.
our last two locations were corporate offices... so nothing real exciting.

i'm off for a few days before my next job starts... its a 3 day short crammed into 2 days. the lead actor was the silver surfer, abe sapien(from hellboy), and he was the faun from pan's labyrinth. so you might expect it to be a big job, but no, it's $100 for the day, and the second day, they are working like two 8 hour days 8 hours apart... which in the real world would be two day rates plus penalties for working 16 hours, but this is a favor job.

after that i've got pickups(pieces of the movie not shot during principal photography) for a mad max'ish film that my friend from film school is directing and then a month long feature in may that is shooting 6 day weeks. so i'm going to be plenty busy.

hope all is well on the east coast.

New lamp

Sunkist orange growers shoot