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Hotel in riverside

Working on a job in riverside at CBU (calafornia baptist university). Riverside is about an hour outside la so they are putting us up in a mariott. This is normal for bigger shows because of what they call the 30 mile zone. Its basically a 60 mile diameter circle with its center at one of the big studios. If a job is outside of that zone, they have to put you up in a hotel and give you per diem for expenses like having to buy something you forgot to pack. It usually ends up being beer money or just an added bonus for being on location. Now they will give you money seperately for food for diner. Anyway, thats what its like on a big show. Little shows like im normally on really push the 30 mile zone and when they do put you up, its usually at mom and pop motels. They will also either skip the money for food, or skimp on the per diem.
So the job im on is a two day gig shooting what we call establishing shots. The best way to describe an establishing shot is to think of your favorite sitcom.... You got it? Now what does their house look like? Why do you know that? Because of establishing shots. Those shots tell you where the following scene is taking place. You dont think about it when you watch, but think how important it is to know that ray romano is in a cape cod on a quiet street and not a townhouse in a poor neighborhood. So we are shooting establishing shots of the campus for an interactive map on their website. Youll be able to click on a building on their map and be able to see what it really looks like in real life.
Wow, my thumbs are getting tired... I just typed all this up on my phone... Im going to bed... Ill try and take some pictures of the set tomorrow.

Grip golf cart

car rig