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More pictures finally

So, i havent posted as regularly as i would have liked to over the past 4 days, but here's a brief summary of the job so far.

Me and kelly(the guy on the right in the black shirt) are the 3rd unit on this shoot. That basically means we shoot stuff that doesnt involve the lead actors or the main crew; eg. Driving shots, wide establishing shots. Our main focus for this shoot is shooting moving cars in very interesting ways. The producer basically hired us to play around and see what crazy stuff we could come up with. Well ive included some pictures of those rigs. We've done a rig that can look straight down at a car driving beside us, one that hangs from a bungie cord 6" off the ground, one that slides from left to right 10 feet looking backwards from the car we are rigged to at a car we are towing 3 feet behind us, one that mounted inside the truck of a firebird looking down at the occupants, and one that looks in at the driver from right outside his window.

Anyway, for you geeks in the audience, most of the rigging you see is called Speed-Rail®, its 1 1/4" aluminum pipe that we have in a bunch of different sizes and is put together with a variety of couplers and clamps. Its basically tinker toys for grown ups. Its really the coolest stuff ever, very strong, very light, very versatile. We also use aluminum triangle truss.

so other than that, we are up north an hour and a half in the desert, staying at a ramada(read: hole). The shoot has been going well, but recently we started having major mechanical problems with the main picture car(the car that appears one camera(the camera car is the car you rig the camera to, in our case its the white jeep)). The transmission went south on us and its putting our last two days in jeopardy. We'll still shoot, but we will have to work around not having a car that moves on its own.

Hopefully ill get one more post out before i get back to la. When i do get back though, ill be able to post pictures that are a lot higher res so you geeks can get your fill.

~Dwight Stone

Ps check out the plane that flew over 3 times while we were shooting

these aren't the pictures you're looking for

Week of pickups