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Another small job

So im working a really small job this weekend... Really small. Its a trailer for a feature which is short for the practice of shooting a trailer for a movie that doesnt exsist as a way of selling the feature to investors. Its usually paid for out of the pocket of the writer, director, or producer. In this case its the writer/ actor that is footing the bill. We are shooting two days. One day is all interiors at a house and the second day is at a softball field. The crew is very barebones. Cinematographer(dp)(director of photography), assistant camera(ac), and one lighting guy(me). Of course there is a director and actors, but we dont even have a sound crew... Just a really tall guy to hold the boom(pole that a mic goes on). No art department, no production assitants(pa's), no assistant directors(ad) department. Its going to be "interesting"(bad).
Ill let you know how it goes and hopefully take some pics.

Casino commercial

Wow, great menu