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Casino shoot

So, we are at the goldenwest casino in bakersfield... Also know as "really boring desert town." we are providing the lighting for a commercial that will air on local cable channels. Today we are shooting the standard casino/people having fun wasting money/partytime/beautiful people shots. This shoot is kind of strange because there is no dp as such... My boss kelly is acting as lighting director, but he isnt doing any of the camera work. Also i wasnt planning on working today, kelly called me at 8:30 in the morning and asked me how fast i could be in bakersfield(1.5 hours north). So a quick shower and a good chunk of audio book later and im walking into set, trying to get a handle on whats going on. But things are going really smoothly and the food is good so im happy.

~Dwight Stone

Just a little test

Casino commercial