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Week One

So for the past week i've been working on a low budget independent feature called ... sorry, i had to take this section out... i haven't read the whole script, but what i've seen so far, it's pretty cool. we are working with a few name actors, ... more editing.....

Anyway, it's about a half million dollar budget which is small, but they got a really great caterer so it's not that bad. we are shooting four weeks in LA and we are half way through the second week of shooting, but i'm just going to do four posts for the whole show, so this is the first week's worth of pictures.


ps~ let me know what interests you the most about what i've been posting... i geek out a lot, so if that stuff is boring you or, if that is the best part let me know.

pps~ i took some stuff out of this post because i wasn't thinking about the courtesy NDA that all crew members should have

Lighting ballon during the day, scroll down for the brilliance.

Lighting Ballon provided by


So this is the lighting ballon at night... basically it's a hellium balloon held in place by three tie-lines, there is a 4k tungsten lamp(4000 watts) inside the ballon. they are great for night exteriors and the company does partys and events as well as films. cool stuff.

Great rooftop location, this was the set of the graduation party of the group of friends.

Burgers for breakfast at the start of a 6pm to 6am day. yummy, burgers and tots

Me and my crew

The DP and the camera crew

Great exterior location, overlooking dodger stadium and downtown LA. the asphalt pad we were on was actually a helipad for the fire department. there was a 5 min rule in place. we had to be able to clear everything off the asphalt in 5 min or less so the heli could land. also the police academy of LA was right next door and we could hear them doing target practice all day.(rapid fire drills, way cool)

31 foot Jimmy Jib doing the "big money" shot of the set within the movie

What the camera sees at the beginning of the big jib move. as the jib goes up, the car pulls away revealing the set and dodger stadium in the background.

the DP Aaron, with our really medium grade HD camera. the box with the blue screen is a firewire hard drive that records all of the footage. we also record on tape as a backup, but we can plug the firestore right into a laptop on set and look at the footage, and even start editing if we really need to.

Editing bay created for one of the sets of the movie. the green on the screens is so they can put the whatever they want on the screens. i can be hard for actors to react to things on the screen that they can't see, but it's a lot easier than having to hook all the monitors up and timing all of the playback right.

our first day of shooting was at a house up in the hills of echo park(think san francisco hills only much more narrower, like 1.5 car narrow) so before our first shoot day we unloaded all of the stuff we needed at the house. small locations like this are always a pain.

this makes me miss my van... this is our sound guy, he built a rackmount system in the back of his ford aerostar. he has all of his mixers, compressors, and such, as well as two LCD tvs(one for what we are shooting, and one for the Lakers games), and lots of other goodies.

so, this is a normal hostess tray mount, does pretty much the same thing as the hostess tray made out of Speed-Rail®, but it's a little less flexible, but much easier to put on and take off. we had camera up and ready to go in like 20 minutes(and we took our time)

Week Two

so, i feel guilty about not giving you the fun pictures, so here they are