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Week Two

So, we just finished our second week, nothing real exciting. we spent 4 straight days inside an office building, shooting a bunch of scene's in two different rooms. really easy days because everything is close at hand and the set is really small so there isn't much to light. but the set being really small makes everything harder and more stressful. it's like doing surgery in an elevator, you can do it, but ... well, i don't have anything else for that metaphor. but basically, you have to have 20 people working in a room that really only fits like 7, so you have to be organized and have the people work in turn and pass things into the room, and one crew will go in and do their thing and then another crew will come in and do theirs. so the important phrase that we hear from the assistant director is, "grip/electric has the set," or "art has the set," or "clear the set for rehersal." that means that one department has the set and everyone else should stay out of their way. so, i only have a few pics, but here they are.

Art department people can be very colorful. and if you are wondering what the cups are, they are just cups of coffee prepared as props, or they could also be mixtures of iced tea, coke, water, and apple juice to make different types of alcohol.(can't have actors getting sloshed from doing to many takes!)

this is me and the DP chilling on the dolly, in our very very tight office.

we were on the 7th floor of an office building, and the only place to get some fresh air was a 4ft square balcony, tight quarters, but the view was great!

Week Three- Almost there

Week One