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so, i feel guilty about not giving you the fun pictures, so here they are

View from driveway coming into Castle Ranch

Cows graze all over the ranch, sometimes they had to be herded out of the shot

This was my bundled up for the wind, the last two days were scary windy.(this is me also doing something i almost never do, camera. that thing i'm holding is an insert slate, it's like the clappy thing you guys have all seen, but it's a lot smaller and doesn't have the clapper. they use it for shots with no sound and extreme close ups of small objects.)

Kelly(boss), Simone(director, filmbschool bud), Jeff(producer type) - (L to R)

Simone looking epic on our last day of shooting

Kelly getting some point of view shots for the driving parts of the movie. the fields of poppies were amazing... couldn't fully capture the beauty on camera.

What my view was driving him around. don't worry mom and dad, he was strapped in, and dad, i know you told me never to hang anything from my mirror that would obstruct my view, but you didn't say anything about a man sitting on the front of my car.

Me looking like a pimp

view from the camera in the previous shot.

so, there you go, that's about the last of the great pictures from the shoot. i'm going to start another job on sunday. it's a month long feature, so i'll be working a lot and hopefully getting some good stuff to share with you guys. i also wanted to let you guys know that you can feel free to leave comments on the blog if you want, or just shoot me back and email. oh and if you didn't notice, you can click on any of the pictures to get a better look.

Week One

these aren't the pictures you're looking for