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Florida... land of humidity and crazy birds

so, just flew into florida wednesday night for the shoot down here.... after we got picked up at the airport we picked up the rental car that me and the gaffer are sharing and headed to the hotel. shortly after checking in we ran into the producer in the parking lot. he had some interesting news for us... the shoot has been pushed until the 17th.... we were originally supposed to start the 10th. but don't worry... not only does that give us a nice long miami vacation, but we get paid to be here... full day rate for every day from now until we start shooting... yes... i'm excited.

anyway, the reason for the push was an actor issue... we didn't have a role filled yet and just found out we could get a big name, but we couldn't start until the 17th... it would cost them more money to push the shoot a week, but having a bigger name means the film will hopefully make more money.

anyway... we've been overwhelmed with all of our free time and spent most of the morning doing a little bit of work stuff getting organized, but we are held up because we have to wait till production shuffles everything around for the week push. when they get that all settled, we'll have a little more to do. so this evening we went out to the hard rock casino(yeck) we really just walked around and looked at stuff. the casino is in a big open air mall type place... kind of like citywalk in LA. we had cheese steaks at johnny rockets and headed home.

a few bits about florida... hot, humid, not a desert climate so it stays hot at night(really annoying). other than that, it's pretty much like every other flat area in america... big companies have ruined local flavor. but i did have my "wow... that was wierd... oh, that's right i'm in florida." i was sitting in quiznos having my chicken cabonara when i looked out the window and this bird(see picture) walked right by the window... like it was on it's way to payless shoes.... okay i just looked around on bird identification sites for like 45 min and i couldn't find anything that looked like the bird i saw... so this picture comes close, but it had orange down the back of its neck. i think i might take up bird watching. taxonomy = fun.

The directors house is one of our locations and we stopped by today and i was reminded of my childhood... they had a welsh terrier(or welsh terrorizer as my parents remember). my family had a welsh terrier... we couldn't get many types of pets because of my allergies.... i kind of miss scruffy... not that i remember him that much, but i've turned into an animal lover.

i apologize for the really long post with not much actual content in it... i'm kinda bored. i promise next entry will be interesting

Goodbye Florida... thanks for all the memories... and Union Days!

Week Three- Almost there