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Overdue Update

sorry it's been so long since the last update... but the turn of the year is always a slow time for work.
I got a few days of work early this month on a Hallmark movie and now i'm working on a TV show for Spike called Deadliest Warrior. It's a reality show about the different groups of legendary warriors and who would win if they were pitted against one another. I'm on the recreation unit which means we just shoot the fight scenes of the different groups fighting. So last week we did a one on one of Spartan versus Ninja. The other groups we are doing are(more or less): pirates, samauri, knights, gladiators, vikings, shaolin monks, IRA, taliban, green beret, spetznaz, chaka zulu, and others. It is a fun shoot to watch, but pretty boring to work on. It's pretty low budget and so they don't have time to really light anything so we are pretty much just providing camera support and some fill light. Not the kind of thing i aspire to, but bills have to get paid and work is slow so i'm very thankful.
On the homefront, my new roommate Greg is mostly moved in and we are getting along well. we enjoy a lot of the same stuff so it's a pretty good match.
Also, i just made an entertainment center for our living room. Included are pictures of the old setup, the process of making it, and the finished product. I had to assemble it in our kitchen cause i didn't have space anywhere else. I made it with 3/4 inch birch plywood and drywall screws. It was made to fit everything we have and it turned out pretty well, i only split one board and cut one shelf 1/8" too long.... but it looks great, and i'm super proud.

I almost forgot about you guys...