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Street parking rant

I live in an apartment that only has street parking, which is fine,
but street cleaning days are always annoying. Tonight (Monday night) I
came home late in the evening only to embark on the hunt for a space.
Street cleaning days are Tuesday and Wednesday morning from
4:30-6:00am which is annoying because you can't just move your car in
the morning, that is unless you are waking up at 4:00 in the morning.
I found a space about a block away (which is average), and I parked,
only to be approached by a middle aged man. He asked if I could park
somewhere else because his kids will have to park farther away. I told
him that if I don't park there I, just like his kids, would have to
park even farther away. He pleaded with no more logical arguments but
did mention that his kids came home around midnight and usually had to
leave really early, sometimes as early as 4am. I told him I would try
and find another spot, but that he should think about the fact that
it's an inconvience to everyone and that his kids were no different. I
ended up finding another space, but I was still annoyed.
It won't stop me from parking there in the future, but it still
bothers me that people dont understand the basic principles of limited
parking in a neighborhood setting.
Oh, and don't get me started on two spots one car!

Posted via email from Dwight Stone

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