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Where's the Rich Content?

I was watching a video on YouTube today and one of those little annotations popped up and it was looking all nasty and it got me thinking. Sure a Vook is kind of a joke, but really, where is rich content? I thought this was the 21st century, i thought web 2.0 made pretty much anything possible. But somehow i'm still stuck with webpages that have text in one space, images in another, and video in a little confined box with controls taken from VCRs for crying out loud. Haven't we gotten to the point where the lines between these things should be a little more blurred? i'm not asking for virtual reality or even augmented reality, i just want to see websites that actually succesfully and fully mix content types without relying on the old metaphor of videos being a screen with four sides and transport controls.

and that's my little rant for the day

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I know I've linked to XKCD before, but this one is great for anybody that likes movies.

I'm going to make black scripts with white text, that's how much I hate bounce