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I almost forgot about you guys...

not in the literal sense of course... i just haven't updated the blog in a long time.... so here it goes... brief, but hopefully informative.

work stuff: i did a reality tv show called deadliest warrior during january and febuary... it's going to be on spike tv sometime soon... not sure when. i worked a day on a bollywood feature that was a total disaster(i only did one day... i couldn't stand the chaos... especially not for less than i could get paid working at mcdonalds.) i worked on a disney music video for Disney's Tiffany Thorton and Mitchel Musso(Hannah Montana universe actors.) I'm currently in the middle of working on a 10 day feature that is a rock and roll thirller(don't ask, it's dumb.) i just finished up a two day music video shoot for Romeo, and I'm doing a two day pilot for Spike TV starting tomorrow. Oh, and the web series i worked on last year is out now at... theWB.com check it out... espcially if you are a music hipster.

personal stuff: i'm coming up on my two year mark here at my apartment in lincoln heights and it feels really good to have been in the same place for this long.... i am on my second roommate though.... adam moved out to join the marines, but due to some health issues in bootcamp is back home in wisconsin now. my new roommate, greg, is a friend/roommate of a friend and he moved in when i knew very little about him... but we have been getting along smashingly. he's a little messier than adam was, but that isn't hard to do.

family stuff: my dad came out to visit for a weekend and we had a really good time.... we went to see The Dark Knight in IMAX, he went indoor skydiving, i took him to some of the film industry related stores in town and we drove along the beach a little bit. it was a short trip, but it was really good to have him out. he hadn't seen my last apartment so it was nice for me to be able to show him my more permanent dwelling. my mom couldn't come out, she was doing some girl type wedding stuff with my sister who is getting married at the end of june.... an event for which i am very excited about.

okay, i've already been less brief than i planned...
oh, and no pictures this post, but i promise i'll have a nice full photo post soon... you just may need to remind me.
Hope everyone is surviving the squeeze okay!

[insert clever play on words here]

Overdue Update