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Ah work.... thankfully it's been pretty consistent this year. This year had the possibility of being a real stinker for work, but thankfully enough stuff has been going on that I've been pretty busy. since last we spoke I've worked on a few interesting projects. I did a pilot for a show that was essentially Laverne & Shirley type characters forced to work in a strip club(to make ends meet). I did a web video intro for a Degree V12 deodorant game that was sponsoring Dale Earnhardt Jr. The feature I worked on in florida last year finally shot the last 5 days here in LA. I did a video with The Batting Stance Guy(i really can't explain what he does... here's a link to his sitehttp://www.battingstanceguy.com/(click the under the leagues and look for your team)). All that and a few random things in between.
Here are some pics from work and play:
rig that i built to hang a camera off a pole so that it could slide side to side

camera slider in action

stunt fall in the bever center. 38 foot fall into an airbag. she did it three times in a row. what a job!

It was so hot out we had to put dry ice on the camera to keep it from overheating

see, i told you so

a really sweet lamp i made out of a shampoo bottle and reflector from shop light

he was thinking about crossing, but i talked him out of it

me lookin' goofy

so yeah, that's what i've been up to...
until next time....

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Important Update!

I almost forgot about you guys...