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Jack in the Box drive thru incident, and why you should never "just pull forward"

I had a little incident today at the drive through and i thought i would share it with you guys as this is a common practice that has to be stopped. Below is a copy of the complaint i sent to Jack in the Box HQ. Also below that there is a link to a story about the practice of drive thru timer cheating from the Consumerist.com

I paid at the drive thru window and was given my drink and asked to pull forward. I knew the reason was to speed up their drive through times but i didn't feel like putting up the stink so i pulled forward. Then i noticed another car had already pulled up and was halfway in the street. Then the associate running the drive thru was yelling for me to pull farther forward, thus blocking the sidewalk. I felt that that was unsafe and told him that i wouldn't pull forward. We he came outside to give the car ahead of me their food he asked me a second time to pull forward i told him no and he explained that he was on a timer. I told him i understood but that the timer is there to make the restaurant accountable for it's drive thru times. He gave up and went inside, but a fellow customer took up the fight and actually approached my car and verbally assaulted me and threatened physical violence. When the associate came back out with me food he thanked the customer! I know that it is not company policy to use this tactic to cheat the drive thru timer, but this breach of common sense safety, encouragement of customer bullying, and pathetic customer service is unacceptable. Please be sure that all of my friends will hear about this regrettable incident.

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