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Landing Strips

I can't describe how important landing strips are.... no, not that kind.

In your home or apartment... the key to holding back the tide of mess that is always encroaching on your precious space is having a landing strip. A lot of people have a small landing strip... usually just a place to drop your keys or wallet or whatever. I think it's important to have a landing strip that is big enough to catch anything you could conceivably walk through the front door holding.

If you do have a sufficient landing strip the key to making it work for you and not against you is cleaning it up ASAP! It's fine to walk in the door, drop you stuff on the strip and then peel off your shoes and relax... but if you let it sit there too long, it just becomes more junk.

I also use my landing strip as a runway... when there are things I need to take with me to work the next day, they go on the strip and I pick them up with the regulars.

Anyway, that's my little rant.... check out the blog post below.... the video is kind of corny... and i think his landing strip is way too spread out, but there are some great examples in the video.


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