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The first of the holiday Poo is here!

Witness, the Ryobi Speed Load+ Hands Free Starter Kit!

Seriously... you are supposed to strap this thing to your wrist.... or you could opt for the hands free clamp(sold seperately)...

Either way... when paying for this monstrosity at the Orange store, make sure to give the cashier your dignity and self respect. If you can't manage the operation of switching from a drill bit to a drive bit without poking your own eye out then maybe you should put down the drill and leave the Ryobi tools to the professionals. Okay, maybe I'm being hard on Ryobi... I'm sure we have all looked for a way to make this complicated operation a bit easier, but I hope I'm not alone in thinking that the solution of strapping a tool bench onto your wrist is not the best option.

Oh well, I'm sure countless kids across America will buy these future landfill starter kits for their fathers this Christmas....

Let the Holiday Poo BEGIN!!!

Ryobi Speed Load+ Hands Free Starter Kit ($20)(no seriously... $20 dollars for this Poo)


Ryobi Speed Load+ Hands Free Clamp ($10)(yeah, $10 for a plastic A clamp)



Stupid cute Jawa Costume

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