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Blast from the Past

When I came home tonight my roommate was playing CoD World at War... and it brought me back to 2002 when Medal of Honor Allied Assault was coming out.

What I remember most about this video was not only how excited it made me for MoHAA but how much it made me believe that real storytelling was possible in video games. I mean, I got the same feeling watching this video that I did watching Saving Private Ryan. What I didn't realize at the time was how different video game storytelling would become, and how rare it would still be.

It's only now looking back that I realize that video game storytelling is all about experience and not story. Although story is possible in games, it's the interactive nature of video games that reduces the impact of plot while heightening the effect the immersion has. Since then, games that have given me the experience only possible in the video game format are few and far between. Spiderman 2's web slinging control scheme was so fluid that I felt more like Peter Parker than any other character in any game ever. Farcry 2 brought the atmosphere of Africa to life in ways I never even thought possible. Bioshock created one of the most fascinating and subtly textured worlds that I've ever seen in a video game.

Unfortunately artistry like that is still rare in the game industry. Either that or I just don't play enough games.

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