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What's in my bag? I'll show you!

So a friend was curious, "What all do you have in there?" So, because I needed to rearrange things anyway, I decided to lay everything out and document... and because it is so awesome, I decided to share it here.


So because it's a crappy pic, and because some things are hard to make out... here's a rough list of what's in there... from top to bottom, left to right... for the most part.

  • band aid and neosporin altoid tin
  • ground lifter
  • cube tap
  • gps
  • csatf passport and union card(safety and union stuff)
  • wireless keyboard/trackpad with built in usb reciever
  • AA batteries in holder
  • AAA batteries in holder
  • CR123 batteries in holder
  • orange electrical tape(a good all around small tape)
  • flourescent(they look white) note cards(actually i'm recycling old flyers)
  • s biener
  • spare car remote
  • precision screw driver
  • 4ft para cord
  • streamlight twintask flashlight
  • EMT scissors(nice because the tip is blunt and doesn't puncture my bag)
  • widgey bar
  • 12' tape measure
  • 2 pens
  • sharpie
  • velcro rip off "rape" whistle
  • velcro rip off led light
  • 4"x6" adhesive backed velcro pads- 4ish
  • 2 handkerchiefs
  • spork
  • earplugs
  • leatherman
  • 4 in 1 screwdriver
  • utility knife
  • 4 buffs
  • zip ties
  • 2 white(really blue... lame) glowsticks
  • empty sunglasses case for when i wear my shades out of the car and then don't have a place to put them away
  • iphone usb plug
  • dock cable
  • usb mini cable
  • cig light usb
  • fipo
  • energizer usb battery
  • that black lump above is a small case with two iphone headsets and an ipod shuffle.

and all of that, fits in here...

Ever wonder how they make those awesome Mashups?

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