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LAFS in Hot Water... and I don't mind one bit!

Just got tipped off by an old LAFS teacher, Pete Abrahams, that my film "Alma Mater" is in a little bit of trouble.

Apparently asking the Hollywood Farmers Market to move so that students could park there on Sundays wasn't stupid enough for the Los Angeles Film School, now they are bribing their alumni to lie about their post school employment in order to keep their accreditation.

I'll keep this part short.

LAFS is a business, not a school. A school's objective is to educate students. A business' objective is to make as much money as possible. As a business I assume that LAFS is succeeding, seeing as their tuition has jumped $10k in the five years since I attended. Unfortunately, as a school, I can only assume that they are failing. I assume that because out of my class of 60 graduates... I would be surprised if there were ten of us that are still working in the business. I assume that because I just worked with a soon to be graduate and he didn't even know the industry standard, first day on the job, most basic thing you learn to do as an electrician, wrap a stinger(extension cord) properly. I assume this because when I went there, I had at most five hours of instruction in my major a week(at the most), $30K for a year of five hour a week instruction? Not to mention the fact that they don't even begin to prepare you for what actual life on set is like or teach you anything about the politics of the industry or the role that unions play.

Okay, that's all I'll rant about for now, but just know that I think LAFS is a complete waste of time, and they are the reason that I think corporations have no place in education.



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