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Merry Christmas! a virtual christmas card from the gripnerd.

It's that time of year again... the time when I'm too late to send out Christmas cards in time to get there before Christmas. But wait, the power of the internet is going to allow me to travel faster than the postman, and get this, my virtual Christmas card to you on time(unless you are reading a printed copy of this in the actual Christmas card I sent you, in which case, I'm sorry the postman doesn't have the power of the internet behind him.)

I won't bore you with the details of the many jobs I've had over the past year, or any of the many exciting adventures I've had since 2010 was born, but I will try and give you the cliff notes of the cliff notes.

This year was one of the busiest years I've had since moving out here. Lots and lots of little jobs, in fact the average length of my jobs this year was just a little bit over two days. That's okay though, I've done a wide variety of projects spanning a number of different mediums and styles. Some of the shoots I did this year include: a Scion reality show, a rap video for The Game(where we literally paid protection money in order to shoot), a casino commercial, a Klondike commercial with Adam Carolla, a Doobie Brothers music video, a WD-40 commercial with the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, a Seal music video, and last but not least I had the privilege to work on Red State(the new movie by Kevin Smith, one of my heroes).

This year also brought my first broken bone... I know it sounds small, but i broke my left hand ring finger. Other than that I've been blessed with very good health this year, other than the cold I manage to get once a year.

This might sound weird, but I am finally in an apartment that I can see myself living in for a while. I've been here about 3 years now, making it the longest I've stayed in one spot since graduating high school. It's the second story of a two story craftsman style house close to downtown LA in a small neighborhood called Lincoln Heights. It's a little old and "rustic," but it feels more like home than any other place I've lived in the past decade.

When I'm not working I've been spending my time playing the occasional video game as well as practicing sewing with my awesome Singer. I still spend a lot of time making things around the house, and this year I started welding. I actually made a cart for all of my tools from scratch.

Anyway, that's enough about me, hopefully the holidays are finding you in good health, with good friends, and good cheer.

Merry Christmas!

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