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A Christmas Miracle!

So this is my first Christmas away from home. Ever since moving to LA I've flown back to PA for every Christmas. When my sister got married, they decided they would alternate Christmas between PA where our parents live and CO where her in-laws live. Well, this is the first CO year and since my parents haven't visited me in a while, they decided to come out here.

Well, I got all up in the spirit and actually decorated.... wreath on the door, stockings, and even a tree complete with tree skirt, a sweet ribbon bow up top, and some generic red balls from Ikea. And it was going to be the first Christmas that instead of writing Mom and Dad on all of the tags, I would put Jack and Patti, in a very grown up fashion. All that was missing was the personal touch, my ornaments. You see every year since me and my sister were born, our parents bought us an ornament that symbolized something that happened to us in that year. First bike, first year at school, first computer, college, you know, all the big moments. And every year when we would decorate the tree together, we each put up our own ornaments and reminisced about the year we got them.

So when my mom said she would ship them I was stoked! I get a text message from her on the 12th of December asking me if I had gotten them yet. I told her I hadn't, but that I would check with the post office. After a little bit of investigating, we came to the unfortunate conclusion that they had been delivered, but soon after stolen from my porch. I've had many packages arrive safely at my house, but I don't live in the best neighborhood so I assumed it was possible that it got stolen.

I was a little heart broken myself, but I felt terribly for my mother, who after 27 years of buying thoughtful ornaments for me and my sister saw my half of them disappear. She told me that she would try and find some of the ornaments again, but we both knew it wouldn't be the same.

That brings us to this morning. I woke up and headed to the bathroom, on my way seeing a package in the living room. I saw that it was from my parents, but nature was calling. While I was taking care of business I started wondering what my parents could possibly have sent me, seeing as they would be out here tomorrow. I returned to my bedroom with the package. Opening it revealed a bunch of bubble wrapped bundles. "Oh, these must be the ones she found to replace the lost ones." Then I noticed one ornament in particular, a miniature red wire bicycle. Packaged in a box not much bigger than a match box, I thought, wow... where did she find this thing, it looks like it's 20 years old! Then it hit me... I quickly closed the box flaps and looked at the postmark.... Dec 4th. It was the "stolen box"!

I actually ran into my roommate's room shouting, "It's a FREAKING CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!" After regaining my senses and drying my tears, I realized what must be done. I finished wrapping the present with a red bow and a very special tag:

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Don't expect anything new.

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