Welcome to my new home on the web! I hope you find something that interests you. 

Don't expect anything new.

So, it's been this way for a few days now, but i just wanted to warn ya'll. My parents are in town for another week or so and I won't really get time to do any updates to the Pool.

So instead of looking for new stuff here..... why not check out the Links section for something cool.

or maybe some of my friends blogs:

Sarah Munroe- http://youreamazingbut.tumblr.com/

Gustavo Petersen- http://www.egpetersen.com/blog/

Darcey Young- http://darceyelizabethyoung.blogspot.com/

Amish Jim- http://www.amishjim.com/

That is all.... have a good Decembuary vacation, I'll see you at work on monday.

It's almost here... and it's almost gone.

A Christmas Miracle!