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Come see the result of the best shoot I ever worked on!

The Assistants is still screening at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood. It's a fantastic movie, made by fantastic people that is sure to be a hit with people that work in the industry and outside it. I know it looks like I'm just saying that because I worked on it, but I've worked on a lot of features and most of them are painful to work on, watch, and think about later on. This film was a joy to work on, a pleasure to watch, and I only look back to reminisce about what a good time I had working on this wonderful project.

Do me and the creators a favor.... go see it at the Laemmle 5... order it and rate it on Netflix... Friend them on Facebook.... and follow them on Twitter.


Trolls are bad... but sometimes the Cash4Gold response is worth it!

Ken Jeong Viral Ad Double Feature