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Best Action Scene Ever!(and how it relates to the history of FPS games)

Here it is... but there's some commetary afterwards.

First of all... I have to quote Boing Boing here...

Imagine that you took the Axe Cop kid and teamed him up with the Wachowskis, along with every serious SFX wizard on the subcontinent, and said, "Go ahead kid, spend whatever it takes to make the most demented, blood-drenched, bullet-addled, ultra-super-duper-violent action sequence in the history of films." Then you waited a generation for another Axe Cop kid to be born and raised on the first kid's output, to grow to maturity, and you gave her the same challenge: that's about one tenth of one percent as demented, glorious and violent as this ten-minute climactic scene manages.

But here is my two cents...

This reminds me of a time in video game history. First person shooters developed in the fantastic realms first... fighting demons and crazy beasts with huge guns. Then as the technology got better, games that simulated reality more closely started to dominate the landscape. Most notably Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six and following releases were so realistic... two bullets would kill you... one in the leg made you limp. It was great, super realistic war simulations... the holy grail of gaming. Then came along a little game development studio from Croatia, CroTeam. They came out with a game called Serious Sam. Crazy alien worlds; huge, unrealistic, but bad ass guns; and the most crazy bad guys you will ever see(dudes with no heads and a big cartoony black bomb in either hand that would yell and run straight at you). No sign of any strategy, no sneaking around guards, no flashbangs; just huge guns killing huge bad guys, and you felt like a futuristic Rambo doing it.

This movie is like Serious Sam to the Rainbow Six's of American Cinema. I know it's story is probably ridiculous and trite... but it's action is utterly amazing to watch. Sure the effects are pretty weak and unrealistic, but if I wanted to see what would actually happen when a dude body surfed another dude on the freeway.... well... I should have my head looked at.

So I put the call out... America, give me the giant monkey human hybrid commando throwing a nuclear missile from the back of a unicorn the size of Japan while Kiss plays a concert on top of a blimp above.

Bring It ON!

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