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What's on my iPhone?: Industry App Edition

If you know me, then you know that I'm always showing off the latest cool app I've discovered. Well, if you've missed any, or you've been unlucky enough to have missed my tech preaching, here's a quick review of the awesome apps that help me do my job better!

FYI all of the app links are to the iTunes store and all prices listed are current as of this writing.

Sun Scout($9.99): There are a few augmented reality sun tracking apps, but I feel like Sun Scout does the best job at giving you a clear view of the path as well as times along the path. This is normally my first choice for sun tracking when it comes to getting a quick ballpark read. Unfortunately, wonkiness in the iPhone compass leads to enough error that I usually open up my favorite sun tracking app...

Helios($29.99): This app is the king as far as accurate solar locating goes. With 3 different views and the versatility to check sun location at any point on the globe at any day and time of year Helios leads the pack of sun tracking apps. My personal favorite is the Skymap satellite image view. You can find your exact location on a satellite view and see the exact sunlight direction in relation to your position.

Artemis($29.99): Another app from the Chemical Wedding folks that make Helios, Artemis is a director's viewfinder. With the ability to plug in any camera type or format and any set of lenses, Artemis is extremely versatile. Although this is much more at home on a DP or Directors iPhone, I find it extremely helpful when doing custom camera mounts. No more bugging the camera crew to borrow the camera to show the DP what they will get if you put the hoodmount in a certain spot.

Tech Scout Touch(Free): This app is so close to being indespensible. With the ability to put together equipment lists on the go I usually have my equipment list done before the tech scout is even over. You can even add custom equipment to it's built in list of equipment. Unfortunately their built in lists are extremely heavy on the electric side of things and barely have any grip equipment. Which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if their process for adding items wasn't so painful. Hopefully they will do some work and update the app to make it a little more friendly, but I'm not holding my breath as the app is clearly just an add for LiteGear's LED products.

Hole Spacer(Discontinued): This is the part where I tease you with an app that I have but is no longer available. It's not much, but when you need it... it's awesome! Just put in your "board length" and the number of holes you want, and it will tell you how to space them evenly. It even deals with having padding on either end of the "board." I might use it once every few months... but when I do it is so worth it!

Bolt and Nut(Free): This one still is around, and it's free! A super simple little utility for identifying different bolt and nut sizes and thread pitches. It also has a reference section for bolt grade markings, bolt head profiles, and screw drive names.

My Measures & Dimensions(Pro $5.99, Reg $2.99, Lite Free): Another app that I don't always use, but when I do it's great. This app lets you take a picture of a location(or whatever) and draw dimensions onto the photo. No more, "Wait, was that the length of the wall with the window or the one behind the desk? There are a bunch of options for color, line type, and units. Art deparment people should love this one!

iQuote: Ignore that... I was thinking about using that to quote people prices for cart builds.

What Knot to Do(Free): This app from the fine folks at Columbia is one of the best knot apps out there. I say that for three reasons: it's free, it has a pretty comprehensive list of knots, and it's free. Seriously, there are a ton of knot apps out there... I actually met someone that had purchased pretty much every knot app in the iTunes App Store and he had like three folders full of knot apps. Besides being free, What Knot to Do includes very clear illustrations and the ability to pick favorite knots for quick reference later on.

Timelapse Helper(Free): Totally not grip related, but cool nonetheless. This little guy calculates how long a timelapse will be at given intervals. If you've done timelapses before, you'll know how useful this kind of calculator is; if you haven't done a timelapse before, why not try now?

Crew Time Card($0.99): I've posted about this little gem before, but here's a recap. Sick and tired of filling out tiemcards? You put your times into this app during your work day, and then at the end of the week it spits out a professional timecard ready for you to email to production or print yourself and turn in. It knows exactly how us industry people work and deals with tenths and meal penalties with ease. This is the personal version of the app, the developer has a department version coming soon for all of you best boys out there!


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