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A Pre Year End Post

So this came out a few days ago:

This is from the same GenRocks that posted one of these last year and I'm growing to look forward to them. Now all I need is DJ Earworm to put out his United State of Pop 2011(USP 2010) and I'll be all set!

Other than reminding me how few movies I actually saw this year, it also reminded me that another year has passed and another one is coming. Funny how the end/beginning sneaks up on you like that, but I guess it depends on how much attention you are paying to time. I've been busy recently so I've been pretty oblivious, but earlier this year every day that ticked off the calendar felt like an eternity. Since I've been experiencing both ends of the spectrum I can't decide which I like better, or if I actually like the flux the best of all. Either way it's good to remember that time is going by, no matter how fast or slow.

I know that wasn't a brilliant or original set of thoughts, but putting it out there helps me deal with the fact that another year has passed and reminds me to reflect on what has passed and what I'm looking forward to.

And on that note..... 2012 HERE I COME!

Quirky, and very, very cool!

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