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I've found the crossroads of wealth and insanity.... (there's two of them!)

Driving to set in Bevely Hills today, I drove through the most ridiculous intersection I've ever seen. Then one block later, another one. Both of them are 6 way intersections, the second one was sensible enough to have a stoplight... but the first one.....

Four of the six roads heading into that intersection are two lane.(unpainted two lanes which makes it even more confusing.) The paved space that the parking area takes up is as big as some parking lots. You pull up to the stop sign and outstreached before you is this expansive arena of cars driving in all sorts of different directions. Then you have that circular sidewalk ringing the whole affair. I can almost imagine the Beverly Hillbillys setting up grandstands and some Jersey barriers and having a demolition derby with unsuspecting motorists.

Then a block to the northwest of that monstrosity you come to this....

At least that has a traffic light... but come on!

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Unions... Love 'em or Hate 'em... They're the right thing to do.

Sweet new artwork for my room!