Welcome to my new home on the web! I hope you find something that interests you. 

After a long unacceptable absence... I'm back with a splash! ... and some vidoes!

Okay, first lets get the video coolness out of the way with possibly the coolest looking kinect hack I've seen yet.

Via Hack-A-Day

Next up we have a journey down memory lane, if you are any sort of computer nerd. This is the installation of every version of windows from 1 to 7(minus WindowsMe), in order on one system(Virtual Machine). What is most impressive to me is the MS-DOS  version of "The Secret of Monkey Island" they install at the beginning... works the whole way through with the exception of Windows 2000.

Via Smarterware

Next up is an argumentative ibex. No really, this video is awesome....

Via Balson

And lastly... because if you haven't seen it by now... the latest meme to take the internet by click storm.



(What are your)Thoughts on Anonymous

The Assistants is now on Hulu!