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So my friend Jeff Conrad made me feel a little bit of "unposted picture guilt," and so I'm going to drop some photographic blessings on ya'll.(in reverse chronological order)

First up, some stills from the Pusha T music video I just worked on.

Red Velvet Cakesicle... seriously amazing!Lamborghini Murcielago "Hostess Tray" also used with the door opening and closing, pretty awesome shot.Lambo with a much more mundane hood mount

Next set is from a shoot for a Singapore interactive film(shaking seats and the like). 5000 ft2 of rags... all under the direction of Steve Lundgren. It was a wet and wild 5 day shoot.

20'x20' gimble with 100'x20' of green on either end. Lots of rain/storm effectsAnother part of the ship built behind the main setFisher Model 23 jib arms don't come with a stand bracket, so me and Dave Smart made one... Welding on set FTW!

We had so much Speed-Rail® it was easier to let Dave lift it all onto the stakebed with the forklift... easier yes, safer... eh?

And lastly, a potpouri of interesting pictures... i guess...

Hoodmount on a Prius, simple enoughTorrey looking stunned at tom foolery we just accomplishedStill my favorite "poser" Josh Day playing the boom op, or playing the fool, or is that the same thing?

Machete Slingshot... no seriously...

Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country