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PSAs.... yeah, I forgot about them too!

So a friend(Balson) sent me a link to "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SEAT BELT COMMERCIAL EVER SEEN!!!!" and of course, I had to click on it... cause who doesn't want to see something that is the "MOST ____ EVER SEEN!" Of course seeing it reminded me of a sweet car commercial that I saw a few years ago. So I hit up the YouTubes in search of said video... with no luck. But when I was searching, I came across a bunch of PSAs for car safety. The one was really heart wrenching, so I had to post it. But then I got to thinking about how awesome PSAs are. They are commercials for products that no one has to pay any money for! In fact it PSAs are there to remind you to do something that is in your best interest anyway. And without the typical constraints of brand image and messaging, PSAs tend to be the most impactful and interesting commercials out there.
So, here is a random selection of three interesting/beautiful/funny/helpful PSAs.


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