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Nerd Fasteners

So one of the benefits of running your blog on Squarespace is their iPhone app, which has some pretty basic but useful analytics and traffic stats. One of the analytics I'm always curious about is the list of things people were searching for when they found my site. Last night I came across an interesting one... "Nerd Fasteners." It took me a few minutes to realize that they found my site because of the article I posted about the guide to different fastener types. But it got me thinking... "What was this person looking for when they typed "nerd fasteners" in google?"

So, I did just that... and found a super interesting article about the future of screws, rivets, and bolts.

I'll throw the link here cause it's way better than me describing it in detail, but basically they would be fasteners that could hold and let go on command. Imagine having to do work on your car and instead of reaching up and behind a panel to reach everything, you could just press a button on a "universal remote" and the whole body panel would release.

Anyway, click through for a super interesting read.

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