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Makita Job Site Radio

Unfortunately this is one of those "Fantastic BUT...." reviews... and I'll keep it short, bed is calling me.
This radio is fantastic for 2.5 major reasons.
1- Speakers on the side.... no more putting the radio on the side of the room just so everyone can hear it, except the guys farthest away can barely hear it and the guys next to it can barely hear themselves think.

2- Uses Makita batteries, and it uses them well. I haven't tested it yet, but it seems like 1 battery will last a full 12 hour work day. Now it doesn't not include a charging circuit, which some people see as a negative, but I don't miss it... I'm using it because it is battery powered)



.5-It has a sealed compartment on the back where the battery goes. It has enough room to store the included AC adapter. It also has enough room for your iPhone(or whatever). And it has a completely useless AUX input in the compartment. I say completely useless because the plug is right next to where the battery slides in, and it is impossible to plug anything in with out it hitting the battery. Now it also has an AUX on the front of the radio, but then your phone is left outside that really nice sealed compartment where it would have been kept safe from all those nasty job site conditions.

It could be a bit louder and it could not be the ugly Makita green and gray, but I'm willing to compromise... just DON'T PUT A PLUG WHERE YOU CAN'T PLUG SOMETHING IN!

That being said, if you are just going to listen to the radio... it's a great buy... if maybe a little expensive.

Makita Job Site Radio

$99 on Amazon

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