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Excellent comic strip that helps explain cancer treatment.

XKCD does it again, and this time I believe it's personal. His fiance was diagnosed with cancer about 8 months ago and he has been keeping up with the strip, but this latest strip gives you a look into his world.


As a side(personal) note, I'm not normally the guy that is all, "Cancer needs to be cured! I have family members with cancer and it is horrible. Lets all change our facebook status updates in support of cancer research." But the truth is I do have family members with cancer and I've lost family members to cancer. And I think my hesitance to talk about it comes from a lack of knowing how to help or lack of ability to help. And sometimes I feel like the best way to deal with it is to not bring it up because of that. Like when it's hot outside, saying, "Man I wish it wasn't so hot outside," isn't very useful because you can't do anything about it and you are just reminding yourself and everyone else that it's hot out. But I can't not say anything forever. And so now I join the excellent Randall Munroe in saying...


I just had an epic 2 days

Credits: Why we'll never get them