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Creative Stress RELEASE!

So some of you may have seen my facebook post yesterday about feeling the need to CREATE something. Well, I did it... it's not much, but it satisfied my appetite.

Sorry about the slight blurry... iPhone HDR does that, but it lets you see the detail much betterAgain, sorry about the slight blur.So there ya go! I've been in love with vapor lights for a while now, and I had the idea of making one with a conduit stand, which I did, but while at the orange store I had the idea of making a much more elaborate setup with four pieces of conduit coming out of the  unit and back into a base and then using the four pieces of conduit around the vapor light to mount some sort of shade, but I decided to under achieve. I also thought for a little bit about making a four legged desk lamp, but my desk is already a little crowded so I opted for the floor model. Construction was helped greatly by a sacraficial Ikea floor lamp whose OD was just about exactly the ID of the conduit! Also very helpful was a series of videos by Dunwoody College that helped me learn the basics of conduit bending(which I didn't really need, but were extremely fascinating nonetheless)

Sand Storms and Pipe Charmers(Video Dump)

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