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Okay, so I know I mentioned this on Facebook right after it happened, but I thought I'd throw up a post with the best videos of what happened as well as a little better description.

So while at the beach on vacation, I didn't spend much time actually on the beach, not really my thing. But I really missed out on the excitement when a waterspout(tornado on water) Picture by Dwight Stoneturned into a real tornado(came on land) right next to our beach house. The people on the beach, my friends included didn't really think much of the waterspout until it was right on top of them... I guess they don't normally come ashore, but as soon as this one did everyone was running... and most people ran parallel to the path of the tornado. The only person smart enough to run perpendicular to the path of the tornado was my friend Audi. Of course when my friend Balson(Audi's husband) was video taping the tornado from the top balcony of our beach house(the first video) and didn't see Audi running Picture by Golden Sands Motelwith everyone else he started shouting for her, which you can hear at the end of his video.(Balson's video was actually feature all over the web and local news as well as making an appearance on the Today show) Needless to say it was the most exciting moment in our vacation.

In the following videos you'll get a pretty good look at how scary it was and how close we were to the actual tornado. In the second video you will see a pink/peach colored beach house, that was ours. Also in that video, at about 1:12 you'll see two big square things fly up in the air. Those are pieces of the boardwalk, about sixteen feet long and about 4 feet wide. When I was watching my friends run parallel with the tornado, I could see that stuff being picked up behind them.

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