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Painting by Jose De JuanA few weeks ago while shooting on a street exterior near the old Herald Examiner building I noticed something kind of strange. There was a man set up with an easel and a small canvas painting. Being the curious cat that I am I went down to see what he was painting... and there we were! He was actually painting the Herald Examiner, but we were there so he included us in his painting. I talked to him for a little bit and found out that he would be open to painting a set... kind of like a set photographer, only with paint, and not as fast. Hopefully I'll find a set that he could come out to paint, but for now, this picture he sent me is holding me over.

You can find his work at his website Jose De Juan Fine Art

That white square in between the tree and building is an 8x8 t-bone, and just below that you can see the boom op and an extra sitting on a folding chair


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