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A Brief Tribute to Album Covers

I know it's on it's way to being a lost art, but some album covers still get me. Lately the only way I've been seeing any artwork has been on Pandora when I'm listening in the shower, I'll hear a song I like and pull back the curtain to see who's playing. Well that's how I found this first cover.

The Head and the Heart(self titled)

It's just a supremely strange picture that looks like it may have been taken in another era, or another reality, but no matter how much I look at it, I can't help but looking more.

Blink 182- Enema of the State

Now I know it's really easy to say that I love this picture for the obvious reason, but I think there is something more. Maybe it's the strict and vivid color scheme, maybe it's the moment that the image suggests, or maybe its the girl. Janine Lindemulder, in addition to appearing on this cover, was also in some of the bands videos, and at one point married to Jesse James(although that didn't end so well)

The Birthday Massacre- Violet

 Not much to say about this one. The band name and album title could be integrated into the design a bit better, but they are small enough it's easy to overlook.

The Havalina Rail Company- The Diamond in the Fish and Russian Lullabies

This band has had some great artwork over the years. These two albums in particular stick out in my mind. The inside pages of The Diamond in the Fish are the real star, but sadly I couldn't find them to post. But all of my searching wasn't fruitless, the lead signer, Matt Wignall, has a page still up for the band, although it's a very tiny limited page, it does have a download(90MB!) of their last album, a retrospective of the band's 13 year career.



Friday Finks!

Quirky, and very, very cool!