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Friday Finks!

Starting a new weekly(hopefully) segment on the blog here... Friend's Links Friday, or Friday Finks(I'm open to suggestions for a new name). Now I know you'll probably be reading this on saturday, but I told myself I would post this on Friday and I'm gonna do it dang it!

Needless to say, these posts are going to be all about things my friends have shared with me that I thought were worth passing on to you. If you think of something that I might like, and might like sharing... feel free to shoot it my way.

First up is a very helpful reminder from my friend Amish Jim. He has a very timely reminder for something we should all be doing every year.

Amish Blog- It's Time to Make New Passwords





My friend Balson has some very entertaining pictures from a very enterprising Ebay bumper sticker magnet salesman.

Imgur- Bumper Magnets

Note: In case you couldn't tell, those are meant for putting on other people's cars... unless of course you're into barnyard animals.





 Next up is a pretty sweet deal for any of you out there with a GoPro Hero camera. My roommate Bryan found a paintball company that sells a little case specifically designed for holding the GoPro and few accessories. I've already got a Pelican case for my GoPro, but if I didn't I would probably pick one of these up.

Evike.com- UK PRO POV-20 Case for GoPro Cameras



Bryan also found an extremely desirable set of "channel locks." They don't exactly fit the description of channel locks, but they are a pretty stinking awesome replacement.

Knipex Cobra 


Finishing us off this week, we have a really funny YouTube find from Balson. DVD commentary tracks for old home movies: pretty simple concept, but brilliant result. This is just one of many clips the Ramsey Bros. have on YouTube.

My Office for the Day: The Mill

A Brief Tribute to Album Covers