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Bags, Bags, Bags

Most of you know that I'm a helpless gear junkie with a weak spot for bags. Messenger, backpack, sling, duffle, bail out bag, you name it, I'm into it. A friend of mine just tipped me off to this first company and I'm pretty excited about what they're cooking up. I've also included a short description of some of my other favorite bag companies.

Brightline Bags Flex System

Well there is a new name on the scene, Brightline Bags. These guys max a series of bags called the Flex System. Major nerd out factor with these bags is that they are completely configurable. Do you want a laptop bag with room for some accessories? Do you want a duffle bag with room for a couple changes of clothes? do you want a day bag with enough room for your laptop and some snacks, but don't want a huge bag? They've got you covered. It's a modular system that allows you to keep each module packed how you like it and you can add and remove the modules at your whim. It's a tweakers dream and it's got some other nifty features too. Color coded zippers help you remember what is in what pocket and removable pouches for the sides help you keep your vital gear close at hand. I haven't laid hands on them yet, but the potential downside to the system is that your carry options are limited to a big beefy handle on top, or a standard laptop bag style shoulder strap that is contoured to fit your shoulder, but I'd like to see some more thought put into the ergonomics of it.

All in all though, their site is definitely worth a look and their 15 min overview of the system is pretty watchable.


These guys are pros when it comes to ergo bags that are extremely functional and usually have enough PALS webbing to let you customize to your liking. My personal favorite is the Sitka Gearslinger. It's a sling style bag with some killer features. As you can see in the animation, it's meant to be swung around in front of you for quick access. All of the pockets on the back are oriented so they open up when the bag is in front of you. It's been serving me well for quite some time now.

5.11 Tactical

These guys also make a ton of other tactical clothing and accessories for everyone from law enforcement, military, and paramedic professionals. Their bag selection isn't that diverse, but their Rush series of bags are pretty serious PALS webbing platforms and they work with their MOAB series to create a main bag with detachable day bag kind of setup. The MOAB series is actually a lot like the Sitka Gearslinger, but I didn't find it as ergo as the Sitka.


Along with all of the other awesome widgets and knick knacks that they sell on their slightly disorganized site, CountyComm has a few pretty decent bags. They are made by a company called Maratac and they have a really solid quality record. My personal favorite is their Bail Out Bag both the XL and regular. While still being super cheap bags, they are really nice duffle style bags.

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