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My Own Private Scrapheap Challenge

The Whole AssemblyRecently, I've been completely absorbed in the world of Scrapheap Challenge(UK title, in the US it was Junkyard Wars). After watching two episodes in a row with my spiffy monitor mount swiveled to the side so I could watch it in bed, I went to rotate my monitor back around to normal when it just fell off the mount. The cheap Fry's quality mount had obviously reached the end of it's short lifespan. Then it struck me... I can build my own, and I can do it by bodging together the parts of the original mount that still work with some metal scraps from the shop. Well after a long day of Detail of the VESA plate. The cylinder up top is the mount for portrait mode.distractions and other projects, I've got one pretty bad mamma jamma monitor mount. I kept the original desk clamp and riser pole from the original clamp, but after that I fabricated everything else. I lost the ability to tilt the monitor up and down, but that's something I never did anyway, and I lost the ability to simply spin the monitor to portrait mode. Instead you lift the monitor off the arm and turn it 90 degrees and drop it on the other reciever. But I gained in reach what I lost in flexibility. Previously I could extend the monitor from fully retracted at Two 3/8" bolts on the back side lock the height, and yes, it's a little crooked, so it's shimmed with a C-47.the back of the desk to full extension at about 14" away from the back. Now, the monitor reaches the entire way across the desk and almost past the near edge, almost 30"! And, the best part of any project like this, I gained a great sense of accomplishment and self reliance!


And as a side note... if you are getting into welding like I am... if you are working on welding something hollow and it's getting to hot to work on... don't quench it in water... or at least if you do, make sure you empty all the water out before you seal up the cavity inside... otherwise this might happen:

Version 2 is finally here!

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