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Silo Destruction

YouTube hole time here.... and I fell in big time... it started with one and before I knew it I had watched about 15 of these videos... but for you... the best.

Lets start with the Amish! This is a long video... but it gets across the basic idea of silo demoliton. If you're impatient this is the moment of destruction.

Now you probably noticed the dangers of being the guy with the sledge hammer, and if you haven't, Bimzie will teach you!

So instead of a sledgehammer, why not a gun?

This one is a family that was trying to save the top of the silo for their kids to play in. The end result is a very awesome looking gradual collapse that one commentor said:

Should be Titled: R2D2 finds quicksand

Then this last one is totally different, and way more chaotic destruction.

Please, Don't Run on Set

Last of the Year