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Please, Don't Run on Set

"No job is worth dying for... especially not this one"


Film sets can be very dangerous places to work. We've all done things that would give our mothers a heart attack. We make a habit of working in dangerous environments and we regularly ask actors and stunt men to do hazardous things over and over again. Because of those tendencies we collectively try and focus on taking steps to make our environment safer. We put tape X's on floor to ceiling windows; we put brightly colored tape on low overheads; we even install handrails where there wasn't any. But sometimes, no matter how much you try, someone manages to hurt themselves.

Last night I was working on a sloped rooftop, filming stunt men jumping off the roof onto a lower roof, and lighting from a third rooftop. The main rooftop(pictured) was littered with cables and conduit, was accessible by a staircase, but had no railing other than a one foot high parapet. The lower rooftop was also littered with trip hazards, sloped in a deceptively off angle, and was kept very dark for the scene. The third rooftop was only accessible from at forty foot ladder that was barely holding on to the building, had a very aggressive slope, and it's two foot high parapet was made of crumbling brick.

We spent six hours shooting shooting on those rooftops, and no one got hurt.

No one on the roof that is.

Someone was running away from set to grab something and fell down a flight of stairs. I didn't hear the final word, but the rumor was a dislocated shoulder and tweaked back.

I understand that you want to do your job well. You don't want production to be waiting on you. But your health and safety is worth the extra 30 seconds.

Please, use your common sense, don't be stupid,


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