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Grip Minutia: Wrenches (part 2 of 2)

Part one was all about internal hex wrenches or Allen wrenches, part two is all about external hex wrenches.

There are a few main sizes that get used pretty constantly:


  • 7/8" - standard cheeseborough size
  • 11/16" - Modern Studio Equipment cheeseborough size
  • 9/16" - standard 3/8" bolt head(the most common bolt grips will encounter)
  • 7/16" - standard 1/4" bolt head(the second most common bolt grips will encounter)


Let's start with the second two first. These are the easiest to find and the least interesting to discuss here. Sears/Orchard Supply Hardware both carry the Craftsman brand and are probably the best place to start looking for a wrench you like. You can chose to go the socket and ratchet route, the box wrench route, or even the ratcheting box wrench route. You can get a deep socket, a flexible head box wrench, or even Craftsman's new pass through socket wrench. You pretty much can't go wrong.

"Hater" Wrench for cheeseboroughsThe first two are a different beast though. You'll find yourself using these to sizes on a pretty regular basis and having good solution for dealing with these is pretty important. You can go with a "Hater" but that only covers you for the standard Craftsman 11/16" x 7/8" ratcheting box wrenchcheeseborough size and your fellow grips will have a hard time loosening clamps that you've tightened with that super sized lever. My reccomendation is to go with a double ended ratcheting box wrench from Craftstman. They make a wrench that has 7/8" on one end and 11/16" on the other. They make a straight version that fits in your tool pouch better, or an angled version that is a little more ergonomic to work with.

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