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Grip Minutia: Proper Spelling

I'll be grading papers this week, so I want you all to make sure you know the proper spelling of these commonly misspelled grip vocab words.


  • Duvetyne- not duvyteen, duvatyne, or my favorite "dubateen." Wikipedia- Duvetyne
  • Refrasil- not ruffasil, reefasil, or rufacil. Hitco- Refrasil Cloth
  • Cheeseborough- This one is actually tricky as there are many acceptable spellings, but very little info on a "correct" spelling. I would consider Cheeseboro, Cheeseborough, Chesebro, and Chesebrough to all be acceptable, with the last one appearing to be the most historically accurate. ControlBooth Wiki
  • Cardellini- not cartollini or cardalini. Cardellini Products
  • Mafer- Believe it or not, today I just saw - "Mapher," kill me now. Matthews Studio Equipment
  • Mitchell- I know this isn't misspelled that often, but I know I'm always tempted to drop an L.
  • Anderton Pin- It's not an anderson pin, just think of Tom Cruise from Minority Report. Cardellini Products
  • Speed C- not Speed Cee or Speed See
  • Griffolyn- not griffolan or griffalon. Matthews Studio Equipment
  • Lamé- and you type the é on a Mac by pressing Option+E and then E. Wikipedia- Lamé
  • Mombo Combo- not mambo combo.
  • Bowline- I didn't realize you could spell this one wrong, but a Facebook thread where someone spelled it "bolen" proved me wrong. Surprisingly though, the trusty ABOK(Ashley's Book of Knots) has it listed as either the bowline, bowling, or bolin. Bowline is still the generally accepted norm though.


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