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The Other Way Back: The Ups and the Downs

Not only is it a great memory full of awesome sights but it was over the course of this trip that I had time to think about the change I was making. Much of that thinking wasn't conscious, but there were a few moments of clarity that were interesting. I've also had a few different ideas about how to write this, so instead of doing all of that hard work of deciding on what to do, what you're going to see is a potpourri of the various directions I was thinking about.

TOWB: Day 8, Memphis to Nashville(or "The Day We Threw Out the Plan", sorry Nashville)

Today is the day that all the previous planning fully went out the window. Memphis wasn't really on the schedule, but it didn't seem that much out of the way and we were still going to Nashville so it was fine. Today, we didn't even set foot in Nashville at all, instead we spent most of the day in Memphis, which it turns out has so much to offer, and then drove past Nashville and are spending the night in Georgetown, Kentucky.

TOWB: Day 4, Albuquerque to Oklahoma City

I laughed a lot, but not the laughter of humor(although there was a little of that), but the laughter of dismay that something so incredibly unexpected could exist and is right in front of you. I gasped a lot, every turn brought a new and surprising twist. I sat peacefully in environments that shouldn't exist outside of dreams.

TOWB: Day 2, Las Vegas to Pine Top

After a stressful day of driving in traffic yesterday we owed ourselves some fun. We left the LINQ, which is by far the most confusing casino/hotel I've ever been in, and heading to the west side of Vegas to the Red Rock Casino and their famous Feast Buffet. Only when we got there did we find out that we'd traded sitting in traffic for standing in line.