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Modern Studio Equipment is simply, THE BEST place for specialty and custom grip equipment. If you need to adapt X to Y, they probably have the right widget for you.

American Grip is the gold standard C-Stand maker is also a good place to get pretty much any standard piece of grip gear.


Monoprice Need cables? Don't like paying for the "Monster" brand? Monoprice has the cheapest cables out there, and lots of other home theater and computer accessories as well.

Mac Rumors Buying Guide If you are looking into buying any sort of Apple product.... this is a MUST READ!

Quirky is an awesome site for getting your invention off the ground, also a great place to find very new and innovative products.

Sewing Supplies

Sailrite makes a sewing machine that is the perfect mix of personal and industrial machine.

Country Brook Design has a great selection of webbing and strap hardware.

Strapworks is another good webbing and strap manufacturer.

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics has a really wide selection of fabrics that are good for bags and gear as well as coats and other adventure gear.

Paragear While mainly providing sky diving equipment, if you are looking for a specific type of webbing or load rating this is your site.


CountyComm Has a few really good bags, especially their bail out bags, but their selection of EDC gear is totally worth a look.

Maxpedition is easily my favorite bag manufacturer, but they have a price tag to match and their bags don't always have as much PALS webbing as I would like.

Hazard 4 While still carrying a pretty hefty price tag, these guys don't skimp on the PALS.

5.11 Tactical Primarily a police/military clothing company, their RUSH and MOAB bags are pretty awesome.

Brightline Bags These guys have a brilliant system for making a bag exactly as big as you need it. It's all about the zippers.


Mil Spec Monkey is a civillian who is extremely interested in tactical gear. He has tons of info about camo patterns and PALS attachment styles.

Sailrite DIY Videos In addition to making some pretty awesome sewing machines, they make a ton of streaming DIY videos available for free.

DIY Tactical Although not updated that often and without a very coherent focus, there are a few good nuggets of info there.

Shopping - Info - Blogs - Comics - Podcasts - Apps


Hand Held Hollywood is where hollywood meets your iPhone.

CineTechNews not really my bag, but if your into the future of cinegear, this is the blog for you.

Dollygrippery Great perspectives from a dolly grip's point of view.


Lifehacker Easily my favorite blog, full of tips and tricks to navigate life in the modern computer age.


Cool Tools spotlights... well... cool tools :)

Toolmonger is a more DIY construction oriented tool blog.

Shopping - Info - Blogs - Comics - Podcasts - Apps

Shopping - Info - Blogs - Comics - Podcasts - Apps

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We're Alive (this one is amazing!!!)


Evernote is the best digital filing cabinet out there.

Dropbox is the best place to keep your files in sync and backed up.

If This Then That(IFTTT) is the plumbing that hooks up all of your different web services, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Mailbox is simply the best gmail/iPhone email client out there.

Simplenote is like the built in iPhone notes app, except it also has a web interface and you can share notes with other users.

Downcast is my podcatcher of choice. Lots of great features and customization options.


Helios is absolutely THE BEST sun tracking app, if you must know exactly where the sun is going to be, Helios is the app you want.

Bolt and Nut is great for identifying bolt grade markings and non standard screw drives and head profiles.

The Grip App while taking up a sizeable chunk of the memory on your phone, this app has all the whitepapers on all of Chapman's dollies, cranes, and bases.

What Knot to Do stands out from all of the other knot apps by having an extremely clean interface and just the right size library of knots.

Spacing Calculator is the solution for the age old problem of "so we're putting 7 pipe clamps on this 20 foot piece of speedrail... how far apart should they be again?"

My Measures makes scouting and communication with your best boy or key grip an absolute breeze.

Crew Time Card is the easiest way to do a time card when you're on a smaller job and there isn't a best boy to do it for you.

Tech Scout Touch is great for putting electric lighting orders together and they've announced a grip edition, which I'm super excited for.

Film Touch Send this app a copy of your callsheet and soon you'll have your own personal IMDB complete with contact info.